The Christian Single, Dating Tips & Seeking a Spouse

DECEMBER 5 & 12 (onsite or simulcast)

Four-session training course on CHRISTIAN SINGLENESS:
How to be content?
What is biblical dating?
Are Christian dating sites good to use?
How do you know when to marry?
Includes a panel discussion of the counselors of LCBCC

This course is a four-session course that gives God’s counsel to the single on handling the blessings, challenges, and temptations of singleness victoriously. It also provides the student with biblical insights in deciding if it is God’s will to marry, as well as preparing for the blessings of marriage.

There are now more single persons than married in the United States. Marriage is increasingly less popular, and singleness is on the rise. Yet, Scripture teaches that God has only given the call to singleness to some and a person should only pursue singleness for the purpose of undistracted devotion to Christ. These sessions will teach you how to practically live as a Christian single with deep purpose and godly contentment, as well as how to pursue a spouse, biblically if you don’t have the call to singleness.

Dec 5 The Christian Single, Dating Tips & Seeking a Spouse

Dec 12 Before You Say “I Do” – Pre-marital Counseling

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